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GNS3 vs Eve-ng

If you are interested in network project, test devices, and certification issues, you may heard about network emulators. You can start your journey using Cisco packet tracer, however, after a while you will realize that it is not enough to play with different types of network devices. Therefore, I started my journey using GNS3. It is good, but consumes more resources and need play around it. Then, I have used Eve-ng which is convenient to prepare a home topology. You can see some professional comparison about them, as shown below.

Lets look at eve-ng lab.

A perfect comparison from a network guru.

This is my own Eve-ng Pro setup and implementation.

In conclusion, I am going to adding more samples here. This is a general brief of it. You can look at its website and search on google to see more samples, network labs. You do not need to buy any physical devices, router, switch, firewall etc. Only pro edition will solve your most of IT lab issues. Sincerly.

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