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Fortinet Lab 1

I have used fortigate firewall on my eve-ng emulator. I am planning to add some labs about it. Lets start it. This is a basic template for a starting point, below

Step 1. Prepare your lab

You can download fortinet image from its website as kvm and import your eve-ng emulator.

Use these command to configure interfaces and internet access, below

Step 2. Configure interfaces

Use these command to configure interfaces and internet access, below. You can adjust it regarding to your home network. 
##configuration of port 1 and 2 
config system interface
   edit port1
   set ip
   set allowaccess ping https ssh http
config system interface
   edit port2
   set ip
   set allowaccess ping https ssh http
##static route to access the internet
config router static
   edit 1
      set device port
      set gateway
##test connectivity
execute ping

Now, I need to access the internet. Therefore, NAT configuration should be done. Interface should be defined as inside or outside. Source and destination packet types also are defined, shown below.

I added a role definition for port2 as LAN interface and assigned DHCP server role, below.

Check your static route for the internet connection. is my modem IP address through which Fortigate firewall on my eve-ng topology will access to internet.

Step 3. Internet connection

It is time to test the internet connection. I prefer to use docker which is lightweight and fast. Then, check your data packets on it. FortiView>>All Sessions

Step 4. Transparent Mode

It can be used on Transparent Mode which acts like a router.

config system settings
   set opmode transparent
   set manageip
   set gateway

Step 5. Create own Dashboard

You can use default dashboard or create a new one, shown below. I will continue to add new labs. Enjoy.

In conlusion, as you see, it has an intuitive grafical user interface for new users. I will continue to post other labs.