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IT Project

I worked actively in an IT project at my workplace. I have learnt  how to manage a project, communicate employees, stakeholders, familiar with hardware and software tools. Before that I had some experiences, but every project is new challenge. In addition that, during my master course, I enrolled in a unit, namely Project Management which made contributions on my experience regarding theoretically such as stakeholder analysis, scope management, schedule baseline, network diagram activity, cost management, and risk register. I also notice that an IT project is more complicated and challenge since there are more factors need to be taken into consideration. Moreover, IT projects are more agile and flexible that your project can be obsolete or changed because of unwanted or unpredictable factors. This was a blueprint plan of the project, covering cable infrastructure and location of the network devices .

I added some pictures including outside and inside cable infrastructure, rack system, patch panel. 3 different colors were used in this project to differentiate and separate networks.

Cables are mingled.

These patch panels, below, were messy before the project.

Finally, new patch panels for fiber optic cables come from nodes were deployed, below. In addition, there are more ports for future deployment and redundancy.

The system room was revised, below.

Outdoor and indoor cable infrastructure were installed, below. 

In conclusion, a project can be seen as a long term investment that supports the future deployment. Redundancy, security, documentation and optimization should be taken into consideration for an IT infrastructure. I just shared some parts of the project. I hope this is informative for you. 

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