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Cisco ASA Anyconnect

In this lab, we will look at Cisco ASA anyconnect remote connection on a site. On the left corner, there is a client that tries to connect network branch using anyconnect. Authorization will be verified by an Active Directory for the client. Lets started.

At first, remote connection should be allowed on Cisco ASA that has a management panel, as shown below.

John1 was created on Active Directory. Now, it is tested on Cisco ASDM panel whether it is existed on Active Directory. is an outside interface of Cisco ASA firewall, as shown below. This client that is in a different network ( tries to connect to it.

In conclusion, as seen above, a remote client can connect to Local network using Cisco Anyconnect VPN application. This example can be done by using Certificate Authority services on Windows Server 2019. 

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