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Quality of Service, SNMP, SolarWinds

During my master course, I enrolled in a unit,namely Quality of Services. Me and my teammates completed an assignment including SolarWinds, SNMP, network configuration, Wireshark, Access Lists, ftp, http, DNS, DHCP services etc. I enjoyed a lot during my implementations.

This is a simple network topology for my assignment, below.

BGP uses TCP, port 179.

VLAN and trunk ports configurations are below.

Vlan packets can be seen. 

IP can be distributed using DHCP either windows service or switch pool.

SNMP configuration on a linux server can be seen, below. Check its port number, UDP 161.

SNMP configuration on a windows server, below.

You can check a specific OID number.

Netflow configuration for network monitoring.

In conclusion, network environment is getting complicated and hard to manage for network engineers since there are different kind of vendors and complexity. Companies need to make network plan to find out best optimization using QoS and differentiate type of services. 
In addition, cable type, servers, number of users are so important to give better service. Even though a company or an organization has better components, they face with bottleneck because of lack of bandwidth, obsolete servers and bad network management.

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